By: Acierto G. Asuncion


As John F. Kennedy said, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” The best leaders, no matter what profession they work in, know they will never know it all. They are humble in their knowledge yet confident in their abilities. They’re endlessly curious individuals who never stop questioning, and learning.


For almost 25 years of service in the Division of Aurora, I have had many insights and learnings that until now continue to influence my leadership style. Those started from being a classroom teacher to being a school head. I saw how hard and fortunate a teacher is in this profession.


Nine years of service in a coastal school of San Luis taught me to be more prayerful and be more involved in the community. I reached the nearby coastal schools just to do enrolment campaign with selected parents and SSG Officers and teachers. As a result, we were able to increase enrolment in the school in partnership with the Municipal Government by constructing boarding house and providing rice allowances and financial assistance to students from other coastal areas.

God is always full of surprises. I feel God is always with us, keeping us safe as we are above the storms and shaking waves of the sea. Just keeping silence, praying, and waiting made us reach our home safely for our loved ones.


 One time, I was forced to transfer to another school due to my father’s terminal health condition. It was then, that I lost possible opportunities for professional growth. But God is there, I was able to finish my graduate studies in 2003 and many stories happened and were written in a book I authored.


From the south I was transferred to east district of Maria Aurora for four years. Then, to Maria Aurora West District for a year and then to northern part of the division to lead and serve our learners and community.

Leading is going far outside your loved ones; sharing your primetime with other people and providing services to others who are not your relatives. While I lead, I also learn many things.  I thank God for new friends and immediate supervisors who are there to give us technical assistance in both instructional and administrative aspects.


Beyond all these, I am always praying that someday I will be assigned close to my family, the source of my strength and inspirations. I am very thankful to God because He enables me to carry the cross with so much hope and positivity.