Baseline Data Survey by the NIELSEN COMPANY

23 April 2018

Baseline Data Survey by the NIELSEN COMPANY

Starting 02 May, 2018 the Deparment of Education (DepED), thru the Nielsen Company, will be gathering baseline data in every school nationwide.

The Baseline Data Gathering will focus on the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP), the DeEd Internet Connectivity Program (DICP) and the National Building Inventory (NSBI). The data gathered will be used as comparison with the results of future monitoring and evaluation efforts to allow the Department of Education to measure the impact of the aforementioned programs.

The activity aims to establish the basic profile of each school; establish a baseline data of DCP and DICP, and update the information and current state of school buildings.

Teams will be visiting schools conduction interviews and accomplishing forms, a sample of which is attached as Annex B.

All concerned, especially Principals and School Heads, are hereby instructed to facilitate the activity on the requested schedule (Annex A) by accomplishing the attached form on Annex B.

for information and strict compliance





Blank Baseline Data Survey by Neilsen Company

Sample Survey with answer