Ranking of Senior High School Teacher Applicants for S.Y. 2017-2018

The schedule of ranking for Senior High School teacher applicants has been moved to March 27- 31, 2017.

Schedule of the demonstration and interview of applicants shall be according to the subject groups they are applying such as:

March 27, 2017
Group I HUMSS, Group I-A, Group I-B

March 28, 2017
Group I-C, Group I-D, Group II – ABM

March 29, 2017
Group III – STEM, Group III-A, Group III-B

March 30, 2017
Group IV-TVL
Group IV-A Specialized TVL/Agro-Fisheries
Group IV-C Specialized TVL/ICT

March 31, 2017
Group IV-D Specialized TVL/Home Economics
Group V Sports and the following subjects:
Physical Education and Health, Personal Development and related specialized Sports Subjects


OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent