Division Memorandum No. 19, s. 2017

Division Memorandum no. 19, s. 2017

Postponement of the Administration of the 2017 Language Assessment for Primary Grade and National Achievement Test for Grades 6 and 10 (Ref: Deped Memo No. 25, s. 2017)

To: OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent
Chief ESs – SGOD, CID
Education Program Supervisors
Public Schools District Supervisors
Elementary School Heads, Public
Secondary School Heads, Public and Private
All others concerned

  1. The field is hereby informed that the administration of Language Assessment for Primary Grade (LAPG) renamed as Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (DO 55, s. 2016) and National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade 6 and Grade 10 will be postponed indefinitely.
  2. A similar memorandum will be issued by the Department of Education on the new dates of test administration.
  3. Wide and immediate dissemination of the content of this memorandum is desired.

Engr. Egdard C. Domingo, Ph.D., CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendent