Schools boost teachers’ research skills

Schools boost teachers’ research skills

Jayfreey T. Galicia, T-III, Dilaguidi ES


Dilaguidi Elementary School and Diagyan National High School aimed to enhance their teachers’ research capabilities thru In-Service Trainings on research writing conducted in their schools last December 14-15.

During the training, teachers together with para-teachers were reoriented with the fundamentals of research writing and were provided activities which help them in the formulation of their research proposals.

Corazon C. Avance, SEPS for research, reiterated that action research is fundamental in the teaching-learning process as it targets specific problems and aims to provide solution to them. 

PSDS Jeffrey C. Resueño, PhD highly encourages the teachers in the district to conduct action researches in order to address students’ learning problems, and help teachers in their promotion.

“This pandemic makes conducting action research more challenging because we have no face-to-face interaction with our students, but this should encourage us more to extend hands to our students,” Glenn S. Balanag, T-III of Diagyan NHS mentioned.

All the participants during the INSET strictly followed the guidelines for conducting the face-to-face training based on the Division Memorandum No. 167, s. 2020.