Division Memorandum No. 33, s. 2017

Division Memorandum No. 33, s. 2017


Date: March 13, 2017

TO: Education Program Supervisor/EPS in Science and Health
Public Schools District Supervisors
Elementary School Principals/Head Teachers
Classroom Advisers, Teachers
Health and Nutrition Personnel

From: Engr. Edgard C. Domingo, Ph.D., CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendentt

Subject: Division School Year 2016-2017 My Bright Smile, Global Calendar Art Contest of the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Future

  1. Pursuant to the Department of Education (DepED) Memorandum no. 10, s. 2017, through the Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Health Division (BLSS-SHD), joins the Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. (CPP) and Schools Division of Aurora – Health and Nutrition Section will be holding the “SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017 MY BRIGHT SMILE, GLOBAL CALENDAR ART CONTEST OF THE COLGATE BRIGHT SMILES, BRIGHT FUTURE”.
  2. The Art Contest aims to promote self-esteem and oral health awareness among school children. It is open to all public elementary schools, Grades 1, 2 and 3 pupils, ages 6-9 years old at the time of the artwork entry.
  3. Artwork must be original and created by the pupil contestant. Photo and computer generated graphics is not allowed. It is encouraged that at least two (2) Photos of the pupil while doing the artwork be enclosed in the entry upon submission to the division. One (1) entry per grade level per District is expected to be submitted on March 30, 2017 (Thursday) 8:00am -12:00nn at the Schools Division Office Conference Hall, San Luis, Aurora.
  4. One (1) winner at each grade level will be selected to represent the Schools Division of Aurora (SDO-Aurora) in the Regional Contest.
  5. Black and white or color artwork depicting the theme “Healthy Teeth, A Factor to Academic Excellence” may be submitted including line drawings, and artwork using crayon, paint, regular or colored pencil, acrylic pastel, magic markers, ink or any combination. Entries should be done on a minimum of 8 1/2 x 11 inches but not exceed 11×17 inches size.
  6. Entries will be judged according to its originality (15%), creativity and imagination (30%), and based on the contest theme (30%), visual impact (25%).
  7. immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

Schools Division S