Division Memorandum No. 16, s. 2017


To: Assistant Schools Division Superintendent
Public School District Supervisor
All Principals and School Heads
Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

Synchronized Election Calendar for Supreme Pupils Government (SPG) and Supreme Students Government (SSG) for SY 2017-2018

  1. This office announces the Synchronized Election of Calendar for Supreme Pupils Government (SPG) and Supreme Students Governement (SSG) for SY 2017-2018 in pursuant to Unnumbered DepED Memorandum Dated February 14, 2017.SPG And SSG Activities (To be facilitated by SPG/SSG Comelec)—Date
    Filing of Candidacy —February 22, 2017
    Evaluation of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) vis-a-vis Qualifications and Disqualifications—February 24, 2017
    Announcement of Official List of Candidates—February 27, 2017
    Campaign Period—February 28-March 1, 2017
    *Presidential Election Forum
    *Campus-wide Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates
    Elections—March 2, 2017
    Proclamation of Winners—March 6, 2017
    Nominations of SSG/SPG Advisers—March 13-14, 2017
    Oath Taking Ceremony (SPG/SSG Officers)—March 17, 2017
  2. After the conduct of SPG/SSG Elections, the Schools Head (SH) or the person whom he/she appointed shall accomplish the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Student Government Elections for the School (CESGE) Form and School Election Report (SER) provided in the enclosure. Soft or hard copies of their documents shall be submitted to the Division School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) exactly two (2) weeks after the school’s procalamation of winners on March 2, 2017 for the SPG/SSG
  3. Immediate and wide dissemination of this division memorandum is desired.

Engr. Edgard C. Domingo,Ph.D., CESO VI
Schools Division Superintendent